Product Range

There are many factors which determine what is the most suitable screed for your project. For instance: What is the substrate? What depth will it be laid? Is it over underfloor heating? What will be the final floor covering?

And with so many different types of liquid screed on the market nowadays it can be difficult knowing which is the most suitable for your project. Luckily at G P Flooring Solutions Ltd we have an excellent technical knowledge and are approved installers of a wide range of liquid screeds from leading brands, meaning that we can offer the best option to suit your specific requirements for your project.

Why not take a browse to view the range in more detail…

Anhydrite Screeds

The most common and recognised liquid screeds on the market, often referred to as gypsum or calcium sulphate screeds.

  • Gysol Classic Datasheet
  • Gyvlon Eco Datasheet

Fast-drying anhydrite screeds

All the advantages of an anhydrite screed but with improved drying times.

  • Gypsol Rapide Datasheet
  • Gyvlon Eco FD Datasheet

Thin Section Screeds

Anhydrite screeds which can be laid bonded or unbonded to solid substrates at smaller depths to level out uneven floors.

  • Gypsol TS-15 Datasheet
  • Gypsol TS-20 Datasheet
  • Gyvlon Excelio Datasheet

Energy Efficient Screeds

Anhydrite screeds with even greater thermal conductivity for improved energy efficiency and optimal performance with underfloor heating.

  • Gypsol HTC Datasheet
  • Gyvlon Thermio+ Datasheet

Heavy Duty Screeds

Anhydrite screeds which are suitable for buildings where floors are subjected to increased loadings and more durable floors are required.

  • Gypsol XS Datasheet
  • Gyvlon XTR Datasheet

Cementitious Screeds

Cement based liquid screeds which are fast-drying, don’t require sanding to remove laitance after installation and are compatible with most standard flooring adhesives and compounds.

  • Longfloor Integracure Datasheet
  • Cemfloor Datasheet
  • Topflow Screed C Belitex Datasheet

*Please note that the whole range may not be available in your location as it is dependent on the ready-mix suppliers who operate in your area and what products they are able to provide. Fortunately, we work with many national ready-mix screed suppliers including Cemex, Aggregate Industries, Tarmac and Marshall’s, as well as a number of regional suppliers, so we can offer you the best materials from the largest range possible. These ready-mix suppliers provide their own variants of the screeds mentioned above. They include the following:

  • Tarmac Topflow Screed A
  • Cemex Supaflo
  • Aggregate Industries’ Highflow S
  • Marshall’s Premflow
If you are interested in finding out more about the range of products or which to discuss your project, please get in touch via our contact page.